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The probability of walking to school more than doubled for girls and leisure walking by boys increased by 60 % removed for each additional parks within half a mile from her home. The assessment took into account the average level of education and family income in the Nachbarschaft.Barnett comments We moved into the neighborhood and the number of parks, how many children aged 8-10 years went This is important because active transportation is a promising strategy for public health, to increase physical activity and to reduce obesity epidemic We know that increased walking to school has declined steadily over the past 30 obese obesity, suggesting that these two phenomena may be linked .

‘Obesity in children and adolescents has tripled in the past two decades,’writes Dr. Barnett. ‘Although obesity has many causes, this indicates that relatively sudden and steep increase that the drivers of the obesity epidemic are largely environmental rather than biological or genetic in nature. Parks can benefit girls and boys differently with an increased total with an increased total walk both connected ‘.‘Obviously, for the HIV vaccine box is been made with a string of disappointing results of studies over the past years,’said Dr. Joep Lange , Head of the Amsterdam Institute for Global health and develop, Professor of Medicine at which Academic Medical Centre, University in Amsterdam, President Emeritus which International AIDS Society and member of medical Advisory Board for VIRxSYS HIV. ‘Findings from this study are quite impressive and I do might real excitement in the world of HIV vaccines to offer. ‘.

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