These new awards bring the full total tally of funded grants to 502.

Highlights among the funded projects include: Advancement of a smart scalpel, or ultrafast laser technology, to maximize precision in cutting away malignant growths while minimizing harm to surrounding, healthy tissue The expansion and enhancement of resources to provide expertise in planning cells that are used for cancers treatment to researchers over the state A study comparing the outcomes of two types of radiation treatment among children with brain cancer An investigation into the use of a light-driven program to carefully turn on or off the expression of proteins considered to are likely involved in cancer development, in lieu of less targeted chemical strategies..‘And it’s not stopping.’ CBS This Morning Rare respiratory virus hits children in Midwest Many children needed to be hospitalized after having difficulty breathing. Dr. Holly Phillip joins ‘CBS TODAY’ to discuss the virus. It isn’t stopping because of a rare form of the common cold – – that’s anything but common, reports CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds. The virus, referred to as Enterovirus 68, impacts the respiratory an eye on young children like River Johnson mainly, on Sunday whose mom brought him to the emergency room. ‘It felt like somebody was pressing on my upper body,’ Johnson stated.