Can texts help smokers quit?

They were also allowed to send texts to get a motivational message like ‘Cravings last less than 5 minutes on average. To help distract yourself, try sipping a drink slowly until the craving is over.’ What happened? At the ultimate end of the experiment, 10.7 % of the people who got motivational messages quit smoking – doubling the %age of quitters in the other group. ‘Text messages certainly are a very practical way for smokers to receive support to quit,’ Dr. Caroline Free of charge, professor of TK at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said in the statement. ‘People described txt2end to be like having a ‘friend’ encouraging them or an ‘angel on the shoulder.” Nicotine dependence may be the most common form of chemical substance addiction in the U.S.The healthcare technology strong recently released patent-pending solutions that significantly reduce both administrative and superior costs connected with typical benefits programs. Clarion Care CEO Jeff Cunio clarifies, Washington state is one of many employers suffering under the weight of an antiquated benefit and health delivery system. Employers should reject continuing to do business with a system that consistently increases in costs while reducing the level and number of solutions provided.