The Washington Post reports.

According to the Instances, Democrats compiled data on each senator’s votes on earlier Medicare bills and the amount of their advertising campaign contributions from medical insurance sector. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in information releases targeted, especially, Republican senators who are for re-election and voted against the measure, including Sens. John Sununu , Lamar Alexander , John Barrasso , Saxby Chambliss , John Cornyn , James Inhofe , Mitch McConnell and Roger Wicker .Collins says this is explained by the concentrate on medical problems such as for example AIDS and breast cancers by the media. She says the media has diverted attention away from the risk of heart disease. Collins credits her knowledge at ASU and her honors adviser, microbiologist Kenneth Mossman, for making the research project possible. Collins is usually a second-year medical college student on full-tuition scholarship at Vanderbilt University College of Medicine. Teachers allowed me to can be found in and study their students during course period. Without that, I never could have attained such a high response rate. Through a series of 35 open-ended questions, she determined that college students are generally not well-informed about cardiovascular disease.