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The agreement between JTI and the European Commission of the meets agreement between Philip Morris International and the EU in 2004 made.[2] This means that two of the three tobacco companies in the world by market share up to the up to the agreement with the EU. The UK PMI sign the PMI, with the argument that the PMI had only a small market share in the UK, the agreement was not relevant. From the treaty will with Japan Tobacco with Japan Tobacco, which recently acquired British Gallaher, the UK’s second-largest tobacco company by market share with almost 40 percent market share , and therefore has a significant stake in, and control of the UK tobacco trade.[3] Gallaher connect fully to the agreement in two years, but the general compliance obligations apply immediately.


The findings well as unexpected contribution from endogenic retro elements to autoimmunity. Just as symbiotic bacteria superior number our own cells from four or five scales, endogenic retro elements our genes are superior number from at least 100 times, the researchers the researchers. Both have be recognized be recognized by the immune and cause autoimmune disease. Therefore develops specific mechanisms to prevent this, and the first example for TREX1 avoid a mechanism to autoimmunity caused by endogenous retro elements represented. .