According to a report in the December issue of Archives of Neurology.

However, recent research has found that 86 percent of women do not know exactly when they ovulate. CTC DuoFertility technology measures the most accurate indicator of ovulation – the half – degree change in a woman’s BBT – digitally locate this optimum time for conception and thereby help couples achieve pregnancy. Measuring BBT by the medical community by the medical community as a reliable method for the detection of ovulation. Co Co – founder, David Naumann of Frimley Park Hospital explained, Charting body basal temperature is often the first step that we recommend to our patients, to encourage the design, how it helps them not only the best time try try to identify it it confirms that ovulation has occurred.

After winning business plan competitions in a collegiate, university and national level, CTC is now funded by the Cambridge Angels, Cambridge Capital Group, Downing Enterprise and private investors.. If you are interested in participating in the study DuoFertility, sign up at:Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd.Cambridge Temperature Concepts is the developer of a novel fertility monitor – DuoFertility – the couples chances of conception enhanced by convenient, accurate and reliable information. To recognize worn as a small stick-on patch under the arm, DuoFertility continuously measures a woman’s body temperature when ovulation occurs and to maximize the chances of getting pregnant with it.‘A draft a bill a bill up to $ 10 billion a year for a ‘prevention and public health mutual funds ‘ – such as such as bicycle paths, sidewalk, farmer markets and others activities in the municipality of which some may is to chronic mitigate and cost intensive conditions such as obesity. He believes, The Grandstand says,’Trust for America ‘s Health closed over 300 organizations in urging lawmakers to public health and prevention of money in the invoice include The set also issued a report of 2008 suggesting that worth investing from $ 10 each per year.