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The researchers also measured quick gastric emptying, which is when undigested food enters the small bowel too quickly causing nausea, vomiting and various other symptoms. This showed that there were much higher rates of fast gastric emptying in individuals in the CVS and FV group , weighed against the IBS group . A novel locating was that the patterns of fast, normal and delayed gastric emptying were comparable in the CVS and FV groups. The existing treatment options because of this condition remain demanding and so are limited by the lack of randomised controlled trials. Further research is needed. Â.. Clear link between marijuana use in youthful males and cyclic vomiting syndrome Researchers have found clear associations between marijuana make use of in young men and cyclic vomiting syndrome , where patients knowledge episodes of vomiting separated by symptom free intervals.The VAP Check may be the most accurate and extensive cholesterol test on the market, reporting 15 separate the different parts of blood cholesterol instead of four in a typical test, and may be the only cholesterol check to recognize markers for Metabolic Syndrome, a precursor for diabetes. The VAP Check provides physicians with immediate measurement of LDL, HDL, and all relevant subclasses clinically, and includes non-HDL, an extremely accurate perseverance of apo B, emerging risk factors , LDL design, density and size) and specific calculations for LDL parts. The test really helps to obviously identify people with cardiometabolic risk and can identify a lot more patients at an increased risk for center disease compared to the standard cholesterol test..