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In another just-completed research using similar methods, Loftus convinced people that they had become ill from eating potato chips as children. They discovered that people later showed elevated inclination to consume the green spear-like vegetable.?.. Changing memories of meals may be a way to influence eating habits For the millions of Americans who worry about overeating during the holiday season, there could be hope: A new UC Irvine research suggests changing their remembrances of food may be a way to influence their eating habits. For the scholarly study, researchers asked 336 college student volunteers to fill out a food background questionnaire about their childhood eating experiences.Baby lima coffee beans are enriched with dietary fiber, which constrains constipation. Dietary fiber can play a significant function in improving cardiovascular wellness, as well. Fresh lima coffee beans are difficult to find but well worth searching for their vitamins and minerals and magnificent flavor. While buying baby lima coffee beans, be sure that the pods are company, dark and sealed green in color.