Brucellosis Prevention The prevention of brucellosis can be achieved through various actions.

The most effective measures to do this objective include pet vaccination programs, pet screening, and the elimination of contaminated animals. There is no human vaccine available currently. In addition to efforts to eliminate the disease in animals, preventive methods are targeted at reducing the risk of transmission to human beings. These actions might include pasteurization of dairy products;avoiding the consumption of unpasteurized dairy products, including cheese and milk;avoiding the consumption of undercooked meats;using appropriate barrier precautions to avoid contact with aerosols and body fluids for all those with an occupational risk pertaining to brucellosis;warning laboratory workers about potentially infected specimens so that right biosafety level III safety measures can be taken..Flake of the Madigan Army INFIRMARY, Tacoma, Wash. Military, family members and community facilitates help mitigate family tension during periods of deployment, the researchers write. Children of Deployed Parents Display Increased Threat of Psychosocial ProblemsDr. Flake and colleagues analyzed the emotional effect of deployment on the families of 101 Army personnel. The spouses of the deployed soldiers completed a series of screening questionnaires contained in a typical deployment packet. Each spouse provided details on a young child aged five to twelve. On a typical screening questionnaire, 32 % of kids scored at high risk for psychosocial problems.