Are all psychiatric drugs as well unsafe to take?

Withdrawal from lithium could cause manic-want psychosis and episodes. There is evidence that Depakote could cause abnormal cell growth in the mind. Lamictal has many hazards including life-threatening diseases involving the skin and additional organs. Equetro instances life-threatening pores and skin suppresses and disorders white colored cell production with the risk of death from attacks. Withdrawal from Depakote, Lamictal and Equetro could cause seizures and emotional distress. Summarizing the tragic truth It’s time to face the tremendous tragedy of exposing children and adults to any psychiatric drug for a few months and years. My new video introduces and highlights these dangers and my reserve Psychiatric Medication Withdrawal describes them in detail and papers them with scientific study.We are really excited by these fresh clinical results, which again show the potential of our ToleroMune technology to revolutionise allergy treatment, stated Steve Harris, Circassia’s CEO. These results, achieved with this commercial room-temperature-stable formulation, clearly present that Circassia’s T-cell vaccines offer the prospect of major medical and developing benefits over traditional immunotherapies. We intend to capitalise on these amazing results as as possible quickly, and having lately completed one of the largest private fundraisings during the past background of European biotechnology, plan to advance our cat allergy treatment into stage III testing in 2012.