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Fresh fruit juices have become beneficial also. Care must be taken up to choose fresh However, organically grown fruits. The packaged fruit drinks should be avoided as they have needless high sugar are abundant with calories and have non existent nutritional value. Fibrous meals such as bran, whole wheat, pulses, apple, and peaches should be eaten daily. This helps prevent bowel, colon, rectum, stomach cancer. Processed food items like bread, luncheon meats, salami, potato wafers ought to be used minimal quantity.According to the findings, these teenagers were more likely to possess unprotected sex, multiple sexual partners and a sexually transmitted illness even. The cross-sectional survey consisted of 305 adolescents from age groups 12 – to 18-years-older in 3 different urban clinics. Participants had been asked the CRAFFT queries, and completed a self-administered questionnaire about high risk sexual behaviors also. Of those who screened positive, 42.6 percent reported having sexual contact with out a condom, 26.1 percent after drinking alcohol, 15.6 percent after medication use and 21.7 percent with a partner who had been alcohol consumption.